Year in retrospective

Since it is the last day of the year, I was thinking to sum a bit my year, what I have achieved and what I have lost. 2019 was a good year to me, but also taught me how to become a more mature and realistic version of myself. I am very grateful for what I have received, for those who stayed and supported me unconditionally.

For those who are following my blog, you guys already figured out that I focused a lot on learning and improving my poetry attempts, especially haiku poetry. I started with poems based on visual and sensorial experiences, adoration of nature and of the skies, to the haiku in which I tried to express certain moods and feelings. Being an anxious person, the poetry helped me a lot in difficult times in order to better understand the nature of my feelings and acts and not to fear them.

This year as I said in the beginning taught me a lot about myself and my connection with others. I managed to still keep old friendships, some older than ten years, but I also figured out that those who are making place in their already busy lives are the real friends. I also made few new friends, work friends, university friends, friends that I have in common with my beloved one. Concerning my relationship with my boyfriend, Stefan, I believe that this year gave us the opportunity to strengthen our bond, to understand better each other’s need as individuals and as a team, but also to make some plans for the next year.

Regarding my professional life this year has also offered me a lot, one month after I graduated, I wrote my BA paper on French literature, I got a job at an international company. This opportunity allowed me to use my French knowledge, speaking and writing and also to learn things from the telecommunications domain which was completely unknown to me by then. The people I am working with are very friendly and everything is funnier and easier when working in a team. Iulia is definitely one of the colleagues who makes workplace a better place and friendship one of the most special bonds that one can have.

I tried let’s say so, to see in a restrospective way 2019, to briefly talk about what I achieved and I am very grateful. I hope that 2020 will bring to me as much challenges as 2019 and will make me realize how damn lucky I am. Wish you all guys, a good, productive and challenging 2020!

Thanks for passing by 🙂

Poem: © Valentina.

Picture: Pinterest

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