You left me clueless


I think you forgot


I have a soldier heart.

My darling, you think you may know me


I was broken too many times


your indifference doesn’t reach my soul ‘s skies


I searched at the bottom of my lungs


I have found the courage to exhale.

I rediscovered a forgotten sensitivity


black marks left on white bedsheets

I felt a pain under my right atrium


I got back to writing.


Counting the last summer days

breathing heavily due to the unknown pain

of memories I cannot forget

Poem and picture: ©Valentina.

Seeking inspiration

How do I know if it is not only another opinion of what has been written so far? I think this question haunts anyone who is painting with words. The answer to this question may vary, but I can say that I do not remember many writers who were very fond of their work from the very beginning. I think that self-criticism and persistence are wondrous tools for anyone who writes, in my case is really working and I am horribly critical with my own work.

I have to admit it, maybe this approach can make you feel like quitting, but always remember of your dream. It shall be big enough to make you work for it almost daily and to enrich you as individual, not financially because everyone can work nowadays, spiritually to fill the emptiness of your soul. As an example of persistence it crosses my mind the German composer, Ludwig van Beethoven, even when he was almost deaf, he did not give up on music. What it would have been the classical music without Moonlight Sonata I do not even want to imagine. So if you ever feel like quitting, remember of Beethoven, who left us masterpieces by keeping doing what he knew better.

Talking about inspiration, I think what we all we have to do is to seek it around us, we do not have to travel a lot or to watch lots of movies to find it. You can wake up in one morning and put down whatever crosses your mind, feeling inspired by the sunlight which pierced shyly your room and how fortunate it made you feel. I think that one problem in letting the inspiration flow is represented by our fears and desire to control everything. It is an acknowledged truth that the most beautiful things happen without any planning before. I believe that if a thing it makes pour your mind on paper, you can consider it as an inspirational source, even if it makes you to feel pleased with the result or not.

I am feeling inspired by nature, voyages, people around me or who were around me and taught me many things. I must admit, I personally avoid to write very optimistically because I always wanted not to distance myself too much of reality. Inspiration I think it is not a thing we seek, but most of the time it chases us. For example when you were in the bus and suddenly an idea crossed your mind and you wrote it in your phone. In my case it surprises me when I am supposed to do anything else and rarely day-time. Nobody should ignore the importance of reading in order to feel inspired, you do not have to read in order to copy anyone’s style or ideas, but in order to get new views and to form your own style starting from what you are reading.

However I think we should not be afraid of failure as long we enjoy what we are doing. As a reply to question of what I should write I believe that Stephen King’s point is pretty suggestive: “Anything you damn well want”.

Image source: Pinterest.

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